Daniel Scheffel's works are based on simple facts. They concentrate everyday facts to a core. One painting, for example, says: "My motif is a painted frame, and that means that there are frames". Another work explains: "I show the top and the bottom - this is what it might look like". And another painting states: "Standing around is great, that's why I'm showing this". But the works don't always stick to their words. Instead, they wrap their content in visual frameworks of cultural formal languages: internalised manifestations or designs that everyone knows but no longer recognises directly. In this way, they lay trails using familiar aesthetics. Original references are barely recognisable, associations sprout up. But what are you supposed to tell people when the works end up looking like a mixture of toy model, poster motif and terrain map? And if, when looking at them, a vague suspicion arises: "You look familiar to me...", then they simply reply: "And I know where from, but I won't tell you". They pause just before making concrete statements. There you are now. Eye to eye with the picture. The head wants more, the stomach is satisfied. Both are right. And now? On to the next painting.

Exhibition duration: 03.05. - 05.07.2024

Postgasse 2 / Robert Platz
5400 Hallein / Salzburg